Here’s a few things you couldn’t do as a black person, a little less than a century ago

– You weren’t allowed to walk on the same sidewalk as a white person. Especially a white woman. If a bunch of black males were coming down the same sidewalk, they were to step into the street and walk in a single file line as “respect” to her.


-You weren’t allowed to attend the same schools


– You weren’t allowed a decent education. They often gave outdated, used/damaged books to the blacks schools


– You weren’t allowed to look a white person in the eye


– Your name was “boy” and not your actual name.


– You as a black woman, were allowed to be raped by a white male– too bad tough titty, no justice for you. Because black women, like today are seen as hyper sexual beings and HAD TO HAVE seduced you into raping them.


-Dude, black people weren’t even allowed to testify against white people.


– You couldn’t have your own business, lest it be burned down. (This is why we don’t have business legacies for the most part.) The “pull your bootstraps up” bit, people like to parrot, is a bunch of bullshit folks.


– You wouldn’t dare be educated, or you were seen as an uppity nigger. Then you were hanged.


-If you wanted to be able to defend yourself, you were a danger to society. Hanged.


-And lastly, well you couldn’t walk around minding your own business being black, because somebody might get bored and decided to randomly lynch, just cause.


There were many people that helped get us SOME freedom and we ought to be thankful for leaders like #MLK and never take for granted what our ancestors went through for us. Even though, some of the things on this list STILL happen today, it’s up to us, to continue to fight systematic racism.



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