Here is a list of freedoms that black people STILL have to fight for

-The freedom to not walk into a store without feeling like all eyes are on us and not be followed around automatically based on my color.

-The freedom to not be asked “Why do black people do this?” in a serious context, as if black folks are a monolithic race and every black person knows why every other black person does something. Repeat with me “We are individuals…”

-We cannot talk about my own history, without someone commenting “What about my people?” or “Get Over it”.

-To be able to speak perfect English without hearing “You speak so well…” What were you expecting?

– To be able to call out racism, without being called overly sensitive. Now pointing out racism, makes us racist. We are “oppressing” someone, when we tell them what they said is hurtful.

-We are also told that we are playing “the race card” in the most obviously racist situations, but it’s okay totally okay for otherssssss to play the “Denial card” to completely invalidate our experience as a black person.

-To name our kids whatever the hell we want. Yes, some names are absolutely ridiculous to SOME of us, but when we have to carefully consider a racially ambiguous name, just so our children can be called in for an interview for a job, there’s a problem.

-Also, the freedom to NOT see that look of disappointment/disapproval, to see that you’re actually a black person and not white like they expected.

– The freedom to spend our hard earned money the way we please, like EVERYONE else. It seems like the moment we want to have fun with our money, it’s a problem as if we are the only ones spending money frivolously. Have you seen those lines for the iPhone?

– The freedom to NOT have to consider straightening your hair for a job interview, simply because the texture of your hair, may not fit the “image” of the company you are applying for.

– And let’s not forget, the freedom to talk about Black anything, because for some people, black ANYTHING makes them feel uncomfortable.



  3 comments for “Here is a list of freedoms that black people STILL have to fight for

  1. November 16, 2014 at 1:49 AM

    Got any funny quotes on racsim, or racial slurs against the romani people?I need a good return to bigots whom points out gypsies as a useless people of scoundrels and thieves..I’m a writer myself. And getting sick and tired of bullshitters whom come with racial slurs and i call them for what they are, and they feel all whiny Work with me on this one, and I’ll share my own blog

    • Grim P
      November 16, 2014 at 7:33 AM

      Not really. I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but you’re asking me for funny racial slurs ? I don’t know if that would be considered funny. I think the only racial slur that I know of is gypsies.

  2. November 19, 2014 at 6:01 PM

    **if someone is mainkg bigoted comments, does it help to point it out? Probably not. You will go blue in the face trying to alter that worldview.**I’m wondering if one of the reasons for the difficulties in altering that worldview is how bigotry is perceived today. Even one hundred years ago, bigotry would’ve been a lot more accepted. It wasn’t bigotry, it was simply the truth. It wasn’t a bad thing to judge people based on culture or skin color, because those judgments were simply true. These days, there is a wider acceptance that bigotry is wrong. It’s not what “good people” do. So if someone who considers themselves a non-bigoted person makes a bigoted statement, it would be harder to convince them of the bigotry, because they’re not a bigoted person. [url=]ciltutgpl[/url] [link=]ghlxfzv[/link]

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